Nexus Aurora Weekly Update #2

August 16, 2021

Our weekly community update on all things Nexus Aurora. This week we new information on the IAC conference in Dubai, Marketing & Communications updates, and a special call-to-action for students.

Road to Dubai

We are still busy finishing our presentations for the IAC conference. These are the three projects #ocs-architecture, #ocs-universal-berthing-mechanism, and #ocs-large-artificial-gravity. Right now the authors are looking for people to go over and help proofread the documents and presentations. If you are keen to help, this is a good place for you. Ping @Szymek (Simon) Matkowski @mars_done_right @Next Astro Koen for more info.

@obsttorte (Evelyn) is pumping energy on getting sponsors and marketing material ready for this big event. If you feel you have talent here, drop her a message, we will need all hands on deck for this effort including students. Ping @obsttorte (Evelyn) or @EDEN-_ for more.

Marketing & Communications
  • Our website is live! Have a look around and forward any comments to @Cameron in the community server.
  • I am sure you have seen the new logos popping up everywhere. Our new branding for Nexus Aurora, done by KaleOverlord and a bunch of others Have a look at the branding document where you can see how its to be in action.
New Projects

A new project has been started by @kyle and @Sam(ECLSS) aiming to help people get science to orbit cheaply. Check out the project and contribute under the OCS-Supply-Capsule category in the community server!

Calling all students

Are you a student headed back to school? Nexus Aurora wants to hear from you! There’s potential for YOU and your SCHOOL to be featured in an article or podcast interview on our website and social media! (Can you say portfolio piece?) Fill out this form and help yourself and the future of Nexus Aurora:


And that’s it! Hungry for more? Check out our other posts, explore more projects, or join our community Discord Server!