Working with us or representing Nexus Aurora? The below guidelines will help you grab the right assets so you can work in style.


Our logo is the center-point of our image, so we’ve provided multiple variations for you to use. In general, we prefer that our logo be used with it’s original colors when not in a monochrome format. If you’re unsure about a color choice, reach out to us!

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Our new font is to be used in all publications, both digital and physical. It is a free web-font available in all google products called Inter.



Any documentation written for Nexus Aurora, including internally stored project documents, should follow the provided templates.



Besides Black and White, we only use Deep Mars Red. Use translucency to create shades of grey/red as required.

HEX = #BA3700
RGB = 186, 55, 0
CMYK = 0, 70, 100, 27