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Hello fantastic Community members of Nexus Aurora! Are you ready for the big SHIB sponsorship news??

You may already know that we’re partnering up with the cryptocurrency community SHIBA to empower crypto in furthering humanities development in space. We’re starting to roll out announcements and initiatives across social media. In that vein, today we’ve got a HUGE announcement!

@ShytoshiKusama has shown just how much they believe in us and the power of crypto with a massive 0.4 BILLION SHIB donation. That’s 414,898,000 SHIB to be exact, at current market price, that’s $11,401.40 USD!

While we’re primarily pushing forward the partnership with SHIBA on the MDRS SSAM project, these funds will be for pushing NA forward as a whole. The @Council has already been called to a special session to determine what to do with the new funds. Note that all funds are held securely in a vault requiring 3 person authorization for any movement.

I’m ecstatic to be able to bring this announcement to you, and remember, this is really just the beginning of an amazing journey we’re on with SHIBA (to the marsssss ).

Until further news, checkout and spread the love to SHIB!



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