Universal Berthing Mechanism Standard

With the growing demand for orbital stations on the horizon, standardization of common elements will assist in lowering cost and increasing access to more industries. Few components require standardization more than the berthing port. Many current berthing port designs are hidden behind proprietary designs and information, limiting access to valuable information to allow for compatibility across various systems.

The ultimate goal of the project is to define the Universal Berthing Mechanism (UBM) standard, that could be used by any player in this arena.

The UBM standard will allow commonality between any orbital infrastructure with this standard while lowering cost with an open-source design and guidelines.

The project aims to outline guidelines to manufacturing process ideas and limitations of use, describe typology architecture for flexible combinations of different elements: multifunctional pressurized volumes for people, docking systems, solar panels, radiation panels, ECLSS, storage and manufacture add-ons.

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The project timeline can be viewed here

DUBAIĀ  IAC2021 IPosters Interactive presentation

DUBAI IAC2021 Presentation video

DUBAI IAC2021 White paperĀ 

UBM functional diagram


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