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How to make the environment more comfortable and adapt it to people, help them adapt and maintain psychological balance?

The article examines this issue from the point of view of architecture and interior design, namely human interaction with color, light, shape and the influence of these factors on it.

The purpose of the study is to determine the methods of organizing interiors and architectural objects for a comfortable and productive human life, accelerating human adaptation to a new environment for him. The study analyzed various projects related to the construction of bases on the Moon and Mars, as well as the existing ISS station.

For example, there is a lot of visual noise at the ISS station (wires, things, equipment). Architectural or interior projects of bases on the Moon or Mars are often very impersonal: one or two neutral colors are used, only white light, the uniformity of residential modules without the possibility of making changes for a certain person, lack of choice.

These aspects negatively affect a person’s adaptation to a new environment and the appearance of a sense of security and “home”.


To make the environment more mobile to a person, it is proposed to use different lighting scenarios: daytime, night, the introduction of other colors. Use light not only to be able to see, but also to simulate various scenarios from the ground: dawn, sunset, twilight, etc. It is also proposed to use movable partitions for the possibility of dividing the space from a large one into a pair of small ones or changing the shape of small rooms, transforming furniture to preserve free space in the premises and organize different scenarios, replaceable decorative elements (such as furniture covers, pillows, paintings, photographs, wall panels), etc.


Special attention should also be paid to the shapes of objects and their color, because they cause different emotions in a person on a non-subconscious level. So, elements with sharp corners, rough shapes over time begin to cause us a feeling of aggression, anger. Smooth shapes, rounded corners give us a sense of peace and tranquility. In the case of flowers, some of them stimulate our brain to work, others to rest, to restore energy, to calm down, etc. It is very important to properly organize the space in which people are, because this affects their existence, and in conditions of limited space and life, these aspects are even more important.


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