SETuP - Space Education Through Practice

Project Status: In Development

SETuP – Space Education Through Practice

The goal of this project is to improve coverage of current space education.

Space education today focuses on inspiring students to consider space without following up with technical content.
It also provides late-stage engineering and physics education that is inaccessible for younger people and doesn’t often develop practical skills and understanding through hands-on design, which is difficult to do at scale.

SETuP should improve coverage by providing a range of space-related teaching that enables the learner to think like an engineer and apply knowledge practically while still being fun and engaging.

Main goals:

  • Bringing holistic design education to ages 14-18
  • Inspiring students while giving them an open-ended, unsolved task
  • MOOC-style content, backed up with community support
  • Intended to be low-cost at point of use ($/yr)

SETuP program description

SETuP Presentation


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