Red Stratos

Red Stratos is the board game development division of Nexus Aurora, making space travel more accessible by turning real ideas into fun playable games.

Red Stratos’ first game, Foothold, is a tabletop board game for the first Martian colonies. From the first steps to corporate overlords and international cooperation, govern your people and lead them to greatness, and beyond.

Foothold takes place after the establishment of the first human missions to Mars, and sees 4 players take control of their own factions. Establish sustainable colonies and trade with your allies to secure resources needed to develop and prosper in this turn-based strategy management simulator.

Join us on discord in Nexus Aurora at #rs-terms-conditions if you’d like to playtest or get involved!

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Current Status:
Ruleset receiving final polish
Alpha playtesting ongoing
2D & 3D art creation