Project Status: Complete

Comprehensive High-level Avionics Systems for Exploration

With the IAC presentation complete, this project has reached its goal. Further hardware development is not currently planned, and software library development is continuing under the SEMC project.

CHASE is an open-source avionics framework, bringing high-end features and ease of use to a cheaper platform.

The CHASE project is divided into three sections: the guidelines for module development (available in the paper), the open-source software libraries, and the OCHRES processing module.

OCHERS Processing Module:

  • Contains triple-redundant processing cores
  • Dual-redundant gigabit ethernet interfaces
  • Dual-redundant CAN busses
  • UART, I2C, and GPIO available on expansion connectors
  • PCIe storage

The IAC 2022 paper is available here, and the presentation is available here.

  • Nathaniel Hargrave
  • William Forsberg