Nexus Aurora Weekly Update #5

October 5, 2021

:60fps_parrot: Nexus Aurora Weekly update #5️⃣ :60fps_parrot:

:NAIconwhite: International Astronomical Conference is only 20 days away! Orbital Can Station, Universal Berthing Mechanism and LARGE have all finished their papers and are ready to go! You can read the papers here – UBM – LARGE – OCS Architecture If you still want to join the team of people going to IAC, there is still time. Let us know at 🍻oktober-fest-iac

:NAIconwhite: HUMANS TO MARS SUMMIT 2021 We have been invited to join the Humans to Mars summit on the 9th and 10th October, That’s this weekend! will be presenting alongside NASA scientists and engineers with the aim of educating and expanding knowledge of Mars Settlement. Make sure you register and join us there! If you want to help out, let know in the mdrs-farmm channel.

:NAIconwhite: MDRS-SSAM Go have a look at mdrs-ssam where they are making strong progress on the scout bots. This is a great show of international community collaboration. The scout bot is currently being built in the USA and the software team is remotely controlling it from Romania. Have a look at the video below.

:NAIconwhite::rainbowsheep: :party_blob: We have merchandise! :rainbowsheep: :party_blob: Thanks to the lovely @Marketing team, we now have shirts available for sale from Amazon. Yes, Nexus Aurora has a Amazon store. Soon we will be selling space stations too! Special thanks to for this! :100_rainbow: The proceeds of the sales all go directly back to Nexus Aurora to fund our servers and more importantly, the hardware we are busy building to one day enable permanent space settlement. One such project is the MDRS-SSAM rovers. – Germany – US – UK