Nexus Aurora Weekly Update #4

September 20, 2021

:60fps_parrot: Nexus Aurora Weekly update #4  :60fps_parrot:

:NAIconwhite: International Astronomical Conference is only 5 weeks away!

Orbital Can Station, Universal Berthing Mechanism, and LARGE have all finished their 10 min video presentations in preparation for the Dubai conference. You can have a look at them here:

@Orbital Can will focus on the three papers for the IAC this next week.


Talk to if you want to help write the papers or create visuals! We can use your help!


Nexus Aurora Carbon Capture #ccc, a project that has been around for a while, but little know about, has made some progress, so here’s an update!

Our project aims to provide in-home carbon capture to lower CO2 levels using Soda Lime or Guanidine, which capture around 20% of their mass in Co2. Once these are spent a truck driver (possibly drones in the future) will come and pick up the spent material and replace it. The material could then be taken to a plant to be heated up, which releases the captured Co2.

We hope to see you in a Carbon Capture Meeting! CC has been running strong and consistently for months now and is starting to make new progress, go check it out.


:NAIconwhite: Updates to the copyright-terms

Some small changes have been made to the copyright agreement for all users in Nexus Aurora. The goal of the copyright agreement is to protect users from having their material used by other entities outside of our platform. This is a really important agreement to ensure we do not let others steal, and then close it off with patents. If you have questions or recommend changes please let us know at public administration.

We are going to have to implement a system this week that will force all users on the platform to agree to this agreement before they can continue to use the platform. So please read and provide feedback if you are concerned about copyright.