Nexus Aurora Weekly Update #3

September 3, 2021
Nexus Aurora Weekly update
 :NAwhitepeak: Win Nexus Aurora merchandise of your own design!
We launched a design competition and @everyone is free to enter this competition! Use one of our new logo designs and show us what your perfect T-Shirt, Coffee Cup or Sticker would look like!
Hand in your designs before September 20 at 10:00 UTC by sending them directly to @Sean. Thanks!
:Can: Come with us to Dubai!
Any individual is free to come to the International Astronautical Congress in Dubai! We already have over 12 members who have bought tickets and 10 more who might also join us! It would be great to see you all there and make Dubai our first IRL meetup! If you need more info, please contact who can help you arrange your trip and provide answers to any questions you might have!
:NAwhitepeak:Check out the public OCS practice presentation Saturday at 1700 UTC!
UBM, LARGE, and OCS will test out the first sketch version of the presentation on our community and would like your feedback! Come join us for this sneak preview and let us know how we can improve, thanks!
:Can:New Copyright Policy
Nexus Aurora has always been an open community. We work together to enable permanent human space settlement. Some projects have been advancing in this regard and in order for all future projects to ensure no legal problems arise in terms of ‘ownership of ideas’, we propose the following simple copyright agreement for the server as a whole.
TLDR; By posting on the Nexus Aurora platform, you agree to the following:
  1.  You have read and agree to the Nexus Aurora Open Copyright terms found at this link
  2.  You understand that all information posted within Nexus Aurora is free to be shared within the platform for private non-commercial use.
  3.  All copyrighted material generated in the Nexus Aurora platforms is automatically assigned to Nexus Aurora.
  4.  If any copyrighted material is to be used in any way other than for private use, an agreement between all the Authors and Nexus Aurora Corporation must first be established.
Tag if you have questions or suggestions regarding this. Thanks! :NAwhitepeak: