October 27, 2021

:100_rainbow: IAC UPDATE :100_rainbow: @everyone
Hi Guys, quick update of what we are up to here at the IAC

@Astro_Alphard (EVO) and @Felix (BM, HubT, RS, EVO) have finally arrived and joined the group.
We are now at the event at full force.

So far we have had talks with

Blue Origin, :jefflol: and they will be sending some engineers to listen to @Szymek (Simon) Matkowski UBM talk

South African National Space Agency (SANSA) – I will have ongoing talks with them to see if we can collaborate in the education, project creation and start up space. There are huge opportunities here as they want to build a space industry, and need help.

Adelaide Convention Bereauwww.adelaideconvention.com.au – who helps drive space innovation and education in Australia. We are having conversations with their CEO tomorrow to see how we can colaborate.

CONEX – A community group that also runs on discord. They are about 50 engineering students doing deep design work. We see a strong collaborate opportunity, where they have a lot of highly capable engineers and we have strong administration structures.

Lunar Bot – a student design team that has made the coolest rover wheels that we can intergrate into the MDRS bots.

SATREV – An small sat company that is placing over 24 LEO sun-synchronous optical sats. They have some additional space in each small sat for experimental sats. This can be awesome to tie into a small sat project.

Valispacewww.valispace.com – engineering contract management software company that may provide some free packages to us to test out and use. Very cool software and worth checking out.

TSTIwww.tsti.com – a consulting firm that helps upskill engineers at NASA, ESA and other large space companies. We could get some free resources to help teach us how to better manage and build projects from zero to commercialization.

Airbus -We talked to them about the ocs-architecture and asked them to join in at our presentation