General Shib x Nexus Aurora FAQ

How much $SHIB Does Nexus Aurora own?

.4 Billion or 414,898,000 to be exact.


Who are you?

We are a global organization focused on all things space, contributing to permanent space settlement. We are not a business, anyone can contribute!


Are you owned by Shiba Inu?

No, they are just one of our sponsors.


Is the Shiba Rover your only project?

Nope! We have many projects besides Scout, Survey, and Map (SSAM)


Shiba Rover FAQ

The rover, known as SSAM, is a project aiming to provide a scout bot operating in a swarm, on Earth, the Moon, or Mars.


When will it get to mars?

We’re aiming for early 2030s, this relies on further launch vehicle development


What’s in it for $SHIB?

Shib gets physically sent to mars in a engraved/hardcoded wallet where it will be the first cryptocurrency on the planet, and claimed by the first person to find it


Does the prototype rover have a name?

Yes! Our first rover is named Gatsby. What do you think we should name the rest?