Orbital Can System

The Orbital CAN System is a low cost space station concept, consisting of interconnecting modules to deliver a wide range of user options. Used together the CAN System provides a complete station with all the necessary equipment and components to satisfy a wide range of orbital needs. 

Due to commonality in design components over a wide range of uses, costs can be decreased through large volume production that is not currently available to existing technologies.

The Orbital Can System leverages simple manufacturing techniques and commercial off-the-shelf components, to create a versatile pressurised volume which customers can outfit appropriately for their application with minimal modifications required.

The project focuses on technical details for two standard sizes of module —with volumes of 70 and 580 cubic metres— along with a range of standard subsystems including thermal management, power, environmental control, life support, and payload storage. 

All of these systems have been designed with future expandability in mind, allowing the Orbital Can System to mitigate obsolescence and provide logistics support to both near-term monolithic volumes and longer-term development of large modular space stations.


DUBAI IAC2021 White paper can be viewed here

DUBAI  IAC2021 Presentation video 


System breakdown and design requirements

ECLSS Overview spreadsheet