Our History

So much universe, and so little time

Terry Pratchett

In 2020, a community was born.

In mid-2020 an ambitious internaut who went by the moniker of ‘SpaceInstructor’ set out to gather together students, professionals, and passionate people from across the internet together to collaborate in a massive effort to submit the broadest, thorough, and researched paper possible to the Mars Society as part of its City State Design Challenge, His efforts quickly gathered steam and our small Discord server swelled to several hundred members collaborating on everything a city of 1’000’000 people would need on Mars, from medicine to industry to entertainment. Eventually, our efforts were condensed into a 20-page paper with 50 contributing leaders and more than one hundred contributing members and submitted to the Mars Society. Out of 176 teams, Nexus Aurora was invited to each successive round of the competition and, in late 2020, won first place. Awarded by Robert Zubrin alongside a prize of $10’000 USD, we resolved to go further…

We operate as an international group of people, most of whom only know each other over the internet, striving to achieve our common goal of making humans a multi-planetary species. This prize money is being used to further develop projects to that end.

Nexus Aurora is open source, everything is available to anyone through our Discord and corresponding Google Drive folders. Anyone who joins may contribute, whatever level of expertise they bring to the table. We bring in expertise from outside and teach each other on complex topics. All thoughts and intellectual property is treated with equal respect and dignity.

We aren’t well known yet but, soon, with the help of all of our contributors -young, old, high school students, or adults with PhDs.- we will bring many new designs for innumerable ideas